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Areas in which LVM is a Market Leader

Arbitration and Negotiations

"Among other cases, LVM’s partners have handled –and successfully closed- two of the main arbitration processes that have recently taken place in Uruguay: the one affecting the construction of the government’s main infrastructure project (the Telecommunications Tower of the state telephone company); and the process related to the construction of Montevideo’s largest hotel, the Radisson Victoria Plaza Hotel.

At LVM, we have succesfully concluded commercial negotiations between several multinational companies and their agents in Uruguay. Some examples involve LVMH-Moët & Chandon from France, Seagrams from the United Kingdom, Citroën from France and Komatsu from Japan.

We have negotiated the sale of majority stock participations from numerous investors in “Zonamerica” (the Mercosur’s main logistics base) to Belgium’s Katoen Natie and for other clients in Uruguay’s main supermarket chain, “Disco”, to French Group Casino.

LVM has also handled the negotiation of key issues with the Uruguayan government, in areas in which economic activity is heavily regulated. Such is the case, for example, of the talks on deregulating the liquified gas market in Uruguay.

Transportation and Insurance

Following the the opening of the Uruguayan insurance market to private investors in the late 1990s, LVM led the creation of the first newly incorporated private insurance company, named Compañía Uruguaya de Seguros SA. We have provided advice, for over two decades, to all of the country´s passenger and mail transportation companies, especially intort law. In this area, we have handled over two thousand claims and lawsuits. The experience accummulated with respect to thisspecific issue gives LVM an unequaled position in tort claim defenses and the experience undoubtedly gives us an advantage in litigation activity in general.


Besides having acted in the privatization processes of public services and financial institutions, LVM has been a pioneer in the privatization of state businesses that took off in the mid 1990s. We participated in the privatization (under a B.O.T. scheme) of the country´s first private airport (the Punta del Este airport),and in the first privatization of port services, with the sale to local and Spanish investors of the country´s main port´s merchandise and cold-storage facilities.

Real Estate Infraestructure Proyects

At LVM, we have advised in the set-up of the main shopping centers in the country (“Tres Cruces”, “Salto” and “Mercedes”) together with Uruguay’s main project implementation firm, Estudio Luis E. Lecueder. Additionally, we have played the same key role in the creation of the principal transportation terminals in the country. We have negotiated with the central government and local municipalities the regulation of those terminals, and we have negotiated the financing of the projects (under a project finance scheme) with the World Bank Group’s IFC and with the Inter-American Development Bank’s IIC.

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