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Our Philosophy

"Our firmīs philosophy is to provide the clients with an integral service"

Our firm’s philosophy is to provide the client with an integral service, meeting all of the client’s needs. To accomplish this, we at LVM group in one firm experts in legal, tax, accounting and notarial issues. It is not uncommon for a foreign client to request advice on investment options or business plans regarding local enterprises, and to accomodate such needs, our professionals have been increasingly working in that area.

For example, LVM has found strategic partners for agro-industrial companies from abroad; we have brought together different companies to create an insurance company; and we have assisted clients in the exchange of emerging market bonds for alternative investments, to name a few cases. At LVM we seek to provide a personalized service, with the support of a multispecialized team. The common denominator of our professionals is experience with a global vision of business. Plus the highest ethical standard.

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